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Organic Bee Pollen Powder

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Bee pollen powder is a superfood that helps support your immune system. It contains differing quantities of a natural antibiotic which may help keep you healthy. Bee pollen also has the ability to support cells from toxic effects of common drugs.

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The Facts

Bee Pollen is a mixture of flower pollen, nectar enzymes wax and secretions from bees. Foraging honeybees collect the pollens which they carry back to their homes in order for them use it as food source. Bee Products should not be confused with other types such us royal jelly or combs – these contain different ingredients but still fall under “bee” category due its connection with beekeeping industry through production/consumption practices.

The bee pollen extract has been shown in tests to reduce damage from free radicals or oxidative stress, and may protect cells against UV light.

The study Trusted Source into the antimicrobial, antioxidant and proteasome proteins of Greek pollen indicated that high levels quercetin-3 is probably responsible for its activity.

Research in animal models suggests that bee pollen may have anti-inflammatory properties. Other research from 2010 Trusted Source indicated that extract reduced inflammation in rats and mice with liver disease had benefits after consuming the product for four weeks. In addition, a study done on behalf of Guggenein et al.’s Journal Of Allergic DiseasesCercopithecus Silvicola ’08 showed this to be true as well when it comes down Trusted Source treating asthma patients who would benefit most by consuming something natural like PollenFromNature™ instead!
The great news is you don’t need any special equipment – just your kitchen cabinet

Serving Suggestion: Start with a smaller serving size per day and slowly work your way up to 1 to 2 teaspoons daily
Suggested Use:

To increase flavor and nutritional profile combine with our organic extra rich cacao and lucuma powders to a smoothie.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place. Reseal bag after opening. We recommend refrigerating this product to maintain freshness.
Allergy: Packaged in a facility that also handles nuts. Bee Pollen is not recommended for those with pollen or bee allergies. Bee pollen should not be taken if you have had prior reactions to bee stings or bee pollen. In some cases, anaphylactic shock has been reported. If you have a history of any kind of anaphylactic shock from any allergic reaction, you should not use bee pollen. If you suffer from asthma, please consult your doctor before using bee pollen. Bee pollen contains allergens that may interact adversely with asthma.
California Proposition 65:

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

Organic Bee Pollen Powder

Ganic Food Bee pollen powder is one of nature’s most perfect foods. It contains over 96 nutrients, including all known vitamins, from A to K, 28 minerals, 14 fatty acids, all 8 essential amino acids, several special compounds and all 22 known essential nutritional elements. This makes bee pollen a great choice for boosting your overall health and vitality.

Why you love it?

Our organic bee pollen powder is the perfect way to add a touch of sweetness and floral flavor to your favorite foods. Blended seamlessly into cereals, oatmeal, puddings, smoothies, salads, and fruit, this powder is a great way to get the benefits of bee pollen without having to taste it directly. Plus, the sweet and refreshing flavor makes it the perfect addition to any healthy diet.


Bee pollen can help lower your body’s sensitivity to pollen, similar to the way vaccinations can prevent illness. Plus, it’s a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamins!
Contains thousands of enzymes and coenzymes

  • May support healthy sleep habits
  • May support healthy detoxification
  • May support healthy blood pressure levels
  • May support healthy brain function
  • May support healthy energy levels
  • May support a healthy inflammation response
  • May support a healthy allergy response
  • May support a positive mental outlook and improve sense of well being
  • May support a healthy appetite
  • May support healthy organ and glandular functions
  • May support healthy hormone levels
  • May support healthy digestion
  • May support a healthy nervous system
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Ganic Food Organic Bee Pollen Powder

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100% raw sustainably sourced wildflower bee pollen. Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, natural. No artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, egg.

Are you looking for a natural way to boost your energy and improve your health? Then look no further than organic bee pollen powder! This highly nutritious supplement is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and has been shown to have a variety of health benefits. Just add a scoop of bee pollen powder to your favorite smoothie or juice and enjoy all the goodness that nature has to offer!

Our bee pollen is never heated or dried to ensure all nutrients and enzymes remain intact. Third party lab tested to ensure our products never contain pesticide residue or nasty chemicals. Our products are always third party lab tested to ensure they never contain pesticide residue or nasty chemicals.

Bee pollen is used by many pro athletes to help enhance athletic performance and promote speedy recovery after a tough workout. Upgrade your smoothie, salad, yogurt, popcorn, or dessert with a teaspoon of this power fuel. You can also blend bee pollen to make a multi-use powder to sprinkle on your toast, ice cream, chocolates, and other sweet treats.

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